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LED light for the temporary construction

LED light Solimina for the construction

LED light sled Mina for the construction
Surprised trade fair Osaka ichioshi product contest eighth place receiving a prize product (252 number of the exhibition companies) jumbo for 2,018 years
A name: LED floodlight Solimina (sled Mina) for the temporary construction
The protection class IP68 of the high, the reduction of the long-term guarantee, running cost and electricity bill of 5 years,
The light weight body reduces the work load largely.

LED cylinder light for exclusive use of the falsework

LED cylinder light for the temporary construction

I developed cylinder light dehahanaku for the office office, the exclusive LED cylinder light for falseworks.

LED charge-type floodlight for the temporary construction

It is the domestic charge-type LED floodlight which caught the authorization as a market reclamation support project (administrative problem solution type) of Yokohama-shi.

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