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Floodlight for the LED construction

LED light Solimina for the construction

With Solimina 
Durability, "solid" including reliability, the toitta word
Lighting, toitta "illuminate (illmination)" to light it up
I cross two words
Solid + illuminate (illmination)
The "Solimina" reading "sled Mina"
I named it with all a wish when it wanted to continue being lightener with the solid lighting / reliability.

Product catalogue

Solimina catalogue

(2018-07-06 ・ 1847KB)

Product comparison video

Product specification

  Power consumption (W) Total flux (lm) Luminous efficiency (lm/W) Color temperature Light distribution angle Weight (kg) Retail price (tax-excluded) desired
S80-FS | Lamp 400W class of mercury 80 10,000 125 5700K 150 degrees 2.5 90,000 yen
S120-FS | Lamp 700W class of mercury 120 16,200 135 3.4 120,000 yen
S200-FS | Lamp 1000W class of mercury 200 26,000 130 4.9 195,000 yen



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(2018-05-18 ・ 1079KB)


(2018-05-18 ・ 1106KB)

Product characteristic

A light distribution angle: Super high an angle of 150 degrees

The rating input voltage: Voltage-free (100-240V) 50/60Hz

It becomes the illumination at the time of the use of 200V at the time of the use of 100V.

Materials: PC, aluminum alloy (I coat it with paint resisting damage from salt breeze)

An internal tip: Lumileds company

The serge protection voltage: 8kV, optional 15kV correspondence

A use temperature range: -40-50 degrees Celsius

A protection class: LED module IP68, power supply IP67

A term of a guarantee: Five years

Safe standard

I am strong in a shock and am made of PC (polycarbonate) without scattering such as light weight, the glass
With fall prevention wire
The PSE other third parties certification system acquisition (I clear safe standards such as PSE, CE, TUV without the guard)

Comparison between mercurial lamp 1000W and S200-FS (setting high 7m irradiation an angle of 60 degrees)

Mercury lamp 1000W
Solimina S200-FS


Each exclusive guard model: S-80G | S-120G | S-200G

A retail price desired: 8,000 yen (tax-excluded)

※Safe standards such as PSE, CE, TUV are clear without the guard

 The inquiry is this
Please consult about a period or an area of the hope including the sample.
TEL 045-833-8221 (weekdays 09-17:00)

Correspondence when the malfunction in the guarantee occurred for five years

A product guarantee (the malfunction by the construction is excluded) than a delivery day for 5 years.

I deliver a malfunction point after repair.

I identify a cause immediately and submit a report.

When it is difficult to have to wait until repair completion, I offer a new article.

The total sale results in Japan of the LED module made by HP. 60,000.

32 number of deficient outbreak within five years after the shipment (mainly a power supply section)

Deficient outbreak probability 0.05% approximately one /2, 000

As of April 11, 2018, there is not the proposal of the malfunction from a customer of the sled Mina sale.

Surprised trade fair Osaka ichioshi product contest eighth place receiving a prize jumbo for 2,018 years

2020/08/25 NEW variation addition

8-34-16, Kounandai, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 045-833-8221
FAX. 045-833-8223


Osaka factory
3-216-1, Amaminishi, Matsubara-shi, Osaka

TEL. 072-330-7730
FAX. 072-330-7720

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・Electric construction security article production sale
・Electric facilities material sale
・Preservation maintenance and sale of the machine appliance about the communication communication
・Sale of the machine appliance about the prevention of safe hygiene and pollution
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