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Solimina S200-FS90

LED floodlight of the high-end model of 5,000 total unit sales (※ August, 2020)
I add a new variation to Solimina series and cope with various spots.

Solimina S200-FS90

It is easy to choose you to a purpose use

Solimina series of the super wide-angle lens type to light up the whole space that succeeded a characteristic of the brightness of the mercury lamp brightly
Is (light distribution corner 150 degrees), but want to secure brightness specialized in floor than overall brightness, more the brightness at the long distance
I developed S200-FS90 in response to the request that I wanted to secure.

Product characteristic

A protection class: LED module IP68, power supply IP67
A term of a guarantee: Five years power supply: Built-in
A use temperature range: -40-50 degrees Celsius
A light distribution angle: Takatsuno 90 degrees
The rating input voltage: It becomes the illumination at the time of the use of 200V at the time of the use of voltage-free (100-240V) 50/60 Hz 100V.
Materials: PC, aluminum alloy (I coat it with paint resisting damage from salt breeze)
An internal tip: Lumileds company
The serge protection voltage: 8kV, optional 15kV correspondence
The good point of the product is just protection class IP68, product guarantee five years. The light that became strong as long-distance business is Frost lens
To the light that is kind to eyes, use temperature zone - 40-50 degrees Celsius opens possibility of the correspondence in various situation for intense heat and cold winter.


Product catalogue

Safe standard

With fall prevention wire
The PSE other third parties certification system acquisition (I clear safe standards such as PSE, CE, TUV without the guard)

Optional guard (wearing image)

Optional guard 

A model: S-200G

A retail price desired: 8,000 yen (tax-excluded)

※Safe standards such as PSE, CE, TUV are clear without the guard

A lot of series receiving a prize history

Jumbo surprised trade fair ichioshi product contest
The surprised trade fair Osaka ichioshi product contest fifth place jumbo for 2,019 years
The surprised trade fair Osaka ichioshi product contest eighth place jumbo for 2,018 years
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