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New Temporary switchboard

List of Temporary switchboard sealed pattern products 

It is a list of products of the Temporary switchboard sealed pattern which SAFETY ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD deals with.
You can see the details of the product when I click a lower banner.

I heard the specifications change of the authentic sample, the semi-order.

Specifications change example

Change (others made of product made in stainless steel, product made in plastic, FRP) of the BOX material
Change (please inform me of a coating number or Munsell value on a day you like) of the BOX painting
Breaker, terminal stand, change (maker of the designation, each model) of outlet and others

Production of the order switchboard

There is know-how of the board design and fabrication that is richness since founding 1981 and enables flexible correspondence.
For example, I provide consultation even from word of mouth or a design, a rough sketch caricature for the image of the board.
I suggest appearance to comply with the hope of the customer in a realized form.
The supito correspondence of a minimum period of 30 minutes! I take the inquiry of the Temporary switchboard from this.

Temporary board of the safety electrical equipment

880 production of Temporary switchboard side several years (the from April, 2019 to March, 2020 results)

The delivery results: The Yokohama Landmark Tower, Yokohama municipal subway, others


I accept custom tailoring quality to the needs of the customer from one to a mass production.
A full-time engineer produces all Temporary switchboard in the company factory in Osaka.
If there is a request with one screw, order is possible to the small place,

I perform the sale only for parts of the switchboard.

I can
a photograph, the drawing of the switchboard having you order it as data.

I have a favorable reception when useful for negotiations, the information sharing with the former customer very much.

In addition, as compile it into a database in us, and the order for repeat keeps it, too; as for the repeat order,

I can perform it smoothly.


Support includes the correspondence of (payment) such as maintenance in after of the relief, too.

I accept a stuck rust ashpan after the spot removal and the anticorrosive painting, the circuit change for the next spot.

HIV cable specifications

Our switchboard usually wires it by an HIV electric wire (two kinds of vinyl insulation electric wires).
The best allowable temperature of the insulator of the HIV electric wire is 75 degrees Celsius and approximately 20% are bigger than allowable IV line and can find you.
Even if ambient temperature is high, is normal; because can transmit electricity, is a safe electric wire.
※The chief editor board and capacity may wire the big circuit in MLFC(WL1).
HIV current tolerance
Thickness (mm²) Current tolerance (A)
5.5 53
14 95
22 124
38 175
60 234
100 322
250 600

Temporary switchboard option and others

Temporary box
It is the stands for the train for temporary construction
Other switchboards

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