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New Temporary switchboard

List of Temporary switchboard sealed pattern products 

It is a list of Temporary switchboard, products which SAFETY ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD handles.
You can see the details of the product when I click a lower banner.


I produce an order switchboard.

There is know-how of the board design and fabrication that is richness since founding 1981 in us and enables flexible correspondence.
For example, I provide consultation even from word of mouth or a design, a rough sketch caricature for the image of the board.
I suggest appearance to comply with the hope of the customer in a realized form.

The supito correspondence of a minimum period of 30 minutes! I take the estimate of the Temporary switchboard from this.

Temporary board of the safety electrical equipment

Founding 1981, the number of the production of Temporary switchboard sides ※880 a year

(the delivery results: the Yokohama Landmark Tower, Yokohama municipal subway other)

A full-time engineer produces all Temporary switchboard domestically.
If there is a request with one screw, order is possible to the small place,

I perform the sale only for parts of the switchboard.

I store the board which had you order it as a photograph, drawing data,

The repeat order is smooth, too.
The support (payment) supports in after such as the maintenance, too.

※The from April, 2019 to March, 2020 results

In addition, I heard the semi-order of the authentic sample, the specifications change.
Authentic sample specifications change example

Change (others made of product made in stainless steel, product made in plastic, FRP) of the BOX material
Change (please inform me of a coating number or Munsell value on a day you like) of the BOX painting
Breaker, terminal stand, change (maker of the designation, each model) of outlet and others

Temporary switchboard option and others

Temporary box
It is the stands for the train for temporary construction
Other switchboards

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