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I added "disaster prevention measures for nursery schools" page.

I added "disaster prevention measures for nursery schools" page.

<why you came to handle a disaster prevention article>

We developed and sold the original product for electric construction shop until now.

The facilities which the spot, the power supply which cannot bring a generator into the safety light either cannot secure,
It is the exterior charge type LED floodlight that I developed in response to the voice that cannot make such an LED floodlight usable on the site.

 The flooding and the earth and sand disasters of the river occur successively under the influence of typhoon No.18 and 17 in Kanto, the Tohoku district in September, 2015,
Kinugawa collapsed in Joso-shi, Ibaraki and brought serious damage.

When I do such news in one of eyes, and the safety light may help it as a disaster prevention article
It is an opportunity to handle a disaster prevention article that I have begun to think.

The meeting point with refuge was an exhibition of the disaster prevention product.

When I found it in an exhibition, I want you to use this by all means in a nursery school,
I wanted to introduce it and decided to treat it in us.

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