We as Temporary switchboard, an electric facilities material manufacturer,
It was more convenient and considered environment by securityI offer an original
product to the society.
We cannot miss electricity
I support a living of the modern society.
SAFETY ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD performs production sale of Temporary switchboard, the electric facilities material in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa. I deal with the development of the original product in pursuit of safety and functionality based on an on-site voice and it is safety and a function side, but pours all energy into quality improvement. If there is confirmation consultation relating to a machine, please refer without reserve.
Product introduction
I introduce a light board (single phase 3 line), a power board (ministry of three 3 line), other switchboards.
Power board
Power board
Light board
Light board
Other switchboards
Other switchboards
What is a safety light?
Spirited friend of the construction spot
What is a safety light?
PRODUCTS product introduction
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Head office
〒234-0054 8-34-16, Kounandai, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
TEL. 045-833-8221 FAX. 045-833-8223
Osaka factory
〒580-0034 3-216-1, Amaminishi,
Matsubara-shi, Osaka
TEL. 072-330-7730 FAX. 072-330-7720
Safety electrical equipment
If it is a design, the production of a panel, a switchboard, the switchboard, leave it to us.On a technique, quality, a deadline, I meet your request in all.
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