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SAFETY ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD of Temporary switchboard, the electric facilities material
The SAFETY ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD pursued safety and functionality based on an on-site voice as a Temporary electric facilities material manufacturer
I perform the development of the original product.
The Temporary switchboard heard production, the sale of the special order board to a request. Please feel free to contact us.

Safety electrical equipment | List of Temporary switchboard products

Light board
Power board
The chief editor board
Temporary box
It is the stands for the train for temporary construction
Other switchboards

Safety electrical equipment | List of temporary LED light products

8-34-16, Kounandai, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 045-833-8221
FAX. 045-833-8223


Osaka factory
3-216-1, Amaminishi, Matsubara-shi, Osaka

TEL. 072-330-7730
FAX. 072-330-7720

・Switchboard, switchboard production sale
・Electric construction security article production sale
・Electric facilities material sale
・Preservation maintenance and sale of the machine appliance about the communication communication
・Sale of the machine appliance about the prevention of safe hygiene and pollution
・All duties to accompany each front issue
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