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Switchboard article

Safety box

It is safety original Temporary box in pursuit of usability.

●The dish drainer rain structure, durability-proof are available on the site repeatedly highly.
●Ground takeoff is easy by ground copper bar attachment.
●I can be easily attached to an installation pipe with a U-bolt.
●It is an input and output cable support bar.
●The opening and shutting of the door is smooth by use of special hinge.

※The standard color is orange (2.5YR6/13), but with the specified color you like produce it.
Model Width (?) Height (?) Depth (?) Self-respect (kg) Specifications Inquiry
SD-0 310 350 145 7 Indoor, outdoor combined use Estimate
SD-1 420 420 180 10
SD-2 600 520 200 16
SD-72 720 520 200 20

SD-0 drawing downloading

(2009-10-06 ・ 183KB)

SD-1 drawing downloading

(2009-09-09 ・ 187KB)

SD-2 drawing downloading

(2009-09-09 ・ 185KB)

SD-72 drawing downloading

(2009-09-09 ・ 185KB)


When I install Temporary switchboard in the spot, a lot of essential stickers are had.

For more details, please see this page.

Parts and others for the Temporary switchboard

The original Temporary switchboard article of the safety electrical equipment focuses on safety based on an on-site voice and it is easy to use it more and I aim and develop and sell a reasonable product.

In addition, as well as our original product
I handle various products about the switchboard such as the breaker of each maker, a terminal stand.

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